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Wednesday, July 31 1:00 p.m. ET

Feature Releases at SmartPass Speed

We ship new features at SmartPass Speed—quickly and efficiently as possible, properly—and always informed by customer feedback. We value and prioritize research that leads to the best, most efficient and proper way to solve the challenges you present to us!

We're holding ourselves accountable to consistent, valuable updates that continue to make SmartPass the best-in-class digital hall pass solution. SmartPass Shipped is a monthly webinar series where we'll release new features.

Tune in the last Wednesday of each month through October to learn about the next impactful change you'll see in SmartPass!


Thousands of educators have told us how tech (that's supposed to help them) actually makes the job harder.

Well, we’re frustrated with the status quo of K-12 software, too. It’s time school staff get tools they actually enjoy using. We make easy-to-use tools so school staff can focus on learning, not logistics.


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